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Our Story 

It was in 2011, when Michael Datta decided to start learning how to roast coffee and create unique, premium quality single origins and blends. It was his background in vineyards and winemaking that paved the way for his successful launch into the world of coffee. 

Michael started researching the many wonderful coffee/green bean growing regions across the globe, gaining a true understanding of the unique flavours and characters each origin offers. 

These regions include Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Honduras, Papua New Guinea, México, Guatemala, India, plus many more sub-regions.  

Once Michael felt he had perfected his first blend, he founded Bare Coffee Company. November 2013, saw the launch of Bare Coffee Company on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Bare Coffee USA was launched in San Francisco in April 2015.

Since then, Bare Coffee has grown from being a brand of coffee to a complete end-to-end coffee industry solutions company. Michael takes great pride in working with amazing industry specialists, providing a wide range of expertise to the 100's of clients Bare Coffee has worked with since being founded in Australia and USA.

In 2017 Michael started mentoring amazing amateur/pro athletes through business. Many athletes aren't given or shown the tools to succeed in business, during or after their sporting careers are over. The Bare Coffee Athlete Business Mentoring Program does exactly that.

Our focus and passion are to mentor and advise our Athlete's through business and guide them on their exciting journey through life.


2021 saw the launch of Bare Coffee MTB, which supports Amateur and Pro riders. We launched our MTB Race Team in 2021 for all those that love MTB and love their riding. Our team is made up of junior and senior amateur riders and elite/pro riders. We collaborate and work closely with our MTB industry partners and suppliers. It’s all about getting out there and having fun.

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